Hydrating Facial Sheet Masks

Flowers + Aromatherapy = Flora•py
We at Florapy believe beautiful skin starts with beautiful ingredients & skin care should never feel like a chore but rather a mindful experience. Florapy is a natural sheet mask collection made of 100% coconut fibers. Our hydrating facial masks are infused with healing flowers and aromatherapy for results you can see and feel.

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"You really feel like you've had a day at the spa."
- Violeta


"This is the best face mask, leave my face very soft, love the smell."
- Lorna


"I absolutely loved this mask. It was packed with just the right amount of serum. It smells heavenly that it puts you in a calm and relaxing mood. My skin felt super soft and well moisturize after using it."
- Racquel


"This product was amazing. Brings the feeling of a spa right to your home. Scent was lovely and skin felt so smooth."
- Sue


"I'm not a fan of sheet masks but this one is a game changer. This masks is amazing. I love it, love it, love it. My skin feels and looks refreshed and revitalized."
- Ana


"Wow, I was amazed at how this masked for me. So happy. This is probably one of the most refreshing and relaxing mask experiences I've ever had - spa and home included! I have sensitive skin and did not give me any trouble. Made my skin feel refreshed, smooth and clean. Great product!"
- Brittany
“My Favorite New Beauty Product”
- Lo Bosworth
“So in love with Florapy face masks that I'm investing in a ton of them soon”
- Steph
“I use these religiously”
- Violeta Meyners
- Celebrity Make-up Artist

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