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3 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day!

Flora•py Beauty was founded on the healing powers that blossom in nature right here on our planet Earth. We like to think we celebrate Earth Day everyday by using natural ingredients in all our masks and living a conscious lifestyle. Today, we wanted to take the opportunity to not only celebrate the earth, but also give thanks. We believe beautiful skin comes from beautiful ingredients - those that are found on this precious planet we call home.

Today we encourage you to join us in giving thanks to...

5 Things You Never Knew About Roses 🌹

Love is in the air and roses are just about everywhere else! We all know roses make a lovely Valentine’s day gift but the power of roses has been used far before those February 14th bouquets. Here are 5 things you probably never knew about roses.


  • Rose has a long history of medicinal and cosmetic use and is perhaps the most precious of all essential oils


  • Rose is often referred to as “the queen of flowers” in Greek...

6 Gift Ideas for the Beauty Obsessed!

Being in the beauty business we are always trying, shopping and reading all things beauty so we asked some of our team to share their favorite beauty finds from our friends at Bluemercury! 

Here are 6 gift ideas that sure to impress anyone of your list!

Of course, we will all be gifting our Florapy Holiday Gift Set- It’s the perfect fun gift to give to friends and family or can be broken up as stocking...