Fall-ing Head over Heels for Skincare

Fall Skincare tips from head to toe.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Fall (or depending on where you live, maybe it jumped straight to winter. Much like your wardrobe, skin care needs to be switched out with the seasons too!

Lack of moisture in the air and the continued exposure to the cold air outside and warm air inside can really take a toll on your skin. Our skin seeks moisture more than ever in the Fall and Winter seasons and can cause eczema, redness and other skin issues to act up. To keep your skin healthy and glowing from head to toe all season long, our team has put together some reccomendations and a simple 3 step transitional skincare routine: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturize. 


Staying hydrated is the key to taking care of your skin in any situation. That starts by making a conscious effort to drink more water. Our team has found that keeping re-usable water bottles at our desk and refilling throughout the day has helped us to drink more water. We also like to up our Florapy masking to 2-3 times a week to keep skin hydrated during the cooler season. Our Operations Manager, Christina always keeps her skin looking refreshed and ready by exfoliating two times a week before masking and by applying moisturizer regularly.

Our Picks:

Cleanse:  Exfoliate:  Moisturize: 

Christina's Pick:
CeraVe Hydrating
Facial Cleanser

Jackie's Pick:
m-61 Power Glow Peel
Exfoliating Facial Peel

Jen's Pick:
Leven Rose
Rosehip Oil

#FlorapyFan Hack:

@maia_mymy reminds us of the importance of always using sunscreen, even though you might not always see the sun. As Summer turns to Fall and then Winter, the ozone layer is continuing to get thinner and thinner allowing for more UV rays to get through. Snow cans also act as a giant reflector and bounce the sun’s rays back on your skin, which can increase signs of aging and put our health at risk. We suggest applying a moisturizer that has SPF, one of our favorites is Coola Mineral Face Cream with a Matte Tint and SPF 30.


It’s no secret that your face tends to be the main focus when it comes to your skincare, but your body shouldn’t be overlooked. Start by taking shorter, cooler showers. Sounds crazy right? We know how tempting a scalding hot shower can feel after a day in the cold, but hear us out. Extra hot water caused the skin to lose natural oils making it even drier. If your skin looks red after a shower the water temperature is too hot. Taking cooler showers can increase circulation which helps improve complexion and reduce signs of aging and stress. Not only will shortening your shower help to improve your skin’s health but you’ll be cutting down on your water usages!

Our Picks:

Cleanse: Exfoliate: Moisturize: 
Christina's Pick:
Olay Ultra Moisture with
Shea Butter Body Wash

Jaelynn's Pick:
Dove Exfoliating
Body Polish

Kristen's Pick:
Organic Hemp Magic
Beauty Oil


#FlorapyFan Hack:

@daniellehadley never leaves the house without chapstick and hand cream. Our face and hands tend to be exposed to the elements more often than any other parts of our body. Making an effort to always bundle up with gloves and a scarf is just the start. Always keep hand cream near by for constant moisturizing. Try Danielle’s favorite, Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm!



We put our feet through a lot. Think about all the Summer days you spent running around barefoot at the beach to the endless heels and booties you’ll wear all Winter. Just because your feet will be seen less in the colder months doesn’t mean they don't deserve a little extra TLC. Try using a pumice stone more regularly. A pumice stone acts as a great massage while exfoliating, keeping the skin looking healthier and softer. Trust us, you’ll be thanking us next Summer.

Our Picks:

Cleanse: Exfoliate: Moisturize: 
Jaelynn's Pick:
Bath and Body Works
Kick Start Foot Scrub

Christina's Pick:
Patchology Posh Pedi Cure
Intensive Foot Peel

Jackie's Pick:
Lush Pink Peppermint
Foot Cream       

#FlorapyFan Hack:

Take it one step further and practice @nailgazms best trick. Being a nail artist, Brittney shared her best-kept beauty secret with us: “apply lotion mixed with olive oil to [your] feet! Wrap them in plastic bags, place fuzzy socks on top, and wait a good 30 minutes before rubbing the rest into [your] feet.” Moisturizing to the max!

Find more great Fall Skincare tips here and follow our Beauty Board on Pinterest! Share your skincare practices with on Instagram @FlorapyBeauty.


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