Meet the #FlorapyFans

We’re so excited to announce the winners of our Summer Sweepstakes and introduce some of our #FlorapyFans. We’re sending a big THANK YOU shout out to everyone who participated! We loved seeing how everyone is spending their Summers and enjoying Florapy Masks. Keep it coming! Please continue to share your pictures with us on social media by tagging @florapybeauty and using #FlorapyFan.  

1stPlace winner: Anastasia (@SkinAndTheCitySF)

 Our grand prize winner, Anastasia, is a California girl! She loves spending time at the beach and soaking up the sun’s rays. While going to school, she maintains a super fun blog, Casual Lattes. Her blog is all about fashion, beauty and skincare products, and everything going on in her life! Even though we’ve just met, we love reading about products she’s tried and hearing her opinions! She loves to spend her free time checking out the latest trends in fashion and beauty. Sometimes she even makes her own jewelry! Like us, she never leaves the house without her phone or her go to accessory, her handbag!

We asked Anastasia if she had any good beauty secrets. Her response was, “Not a secret but double cleansing is a must. Also masking three times a week changes the skin!” Her favorite mask is Florapy's Sunflower Lemon (Even Skin Tone) mask. She says it leaves her skin glowing and helps to even out her complexion. Anastasia enjoys her Florapy mask while drinking a cup of coffee and listening to the latest GaryVee podcast. Who would Anastasia share a Florapy mask session with? “Claudia Soffer, because her vibe and attitude is everything!”

Anastasia loves to take Florapy with her where ever she goes! Even on her most recent trip to Paris!

Anastasia wants to remind all the other #FlorapyFans out there “you’ll always regret what you didn’t do rather than what you did.” Let that be your mantra the rest of the Summer!!! 

2ndPlace Winner: Brittney (@nailgazms)

Our second-place winner, Brittney, does it all. Her summer has consisted of going to school, working, AND opening her own business, Nailgazms! Brittney owns her own salon suite in Chino, CA where she specializes in hard gel, acrylic, and custom hand painted manicures. Follow her Instagram account @nailgazms to see her latest designs and for more info on booking a session. She dreams of one day moving to San Diego to open an upscale salon. For now, practicing her nail art is a great first step! When she does manage to find some free time, she loves to enjoy it with her loved ones. Brittney likes to play with her dog, watch tv with her mom, or try out a new restaurant with her boyfriend.

Being a talented nail artist, she’s no stranger to the beauty and cosmetics industry! Brittney shared her best-kept beauty secret with us: “apply lotion mixed with olive oil to my feet! Wrap them in plastic bags, place fuzzy socks on top, and wait a good 30 minutes before rubbing the rest into my feet.” Afterward, she swears your feet feel like new! (We know what we’ll be trying tonight!!!)

Brittney said Florapy face masks helped bring her skin back to life after being on a plane all day. “[Florapy] masks are amazing! They actually stick, stay, moisturize, and leave my skin glowing!” While she said it was hard to pick just one, she was able to narrow it down to her top two: Deep Hydration and Stress Relief. She prefers not to mask alone, often enjoying a Florapy mask alongside her boyfriend. “Once we are ready for bed, we'll each choose a mask to wind down. Sometimes we will put them on while we catch up on YouTube [videos] or watch movies.”

When asked who her greatest role model was, her answer inspired us all: “My future self. I know that's a strange answer, but I have an idea of the person I would like to be. I use that to motivate myself to do better each day.” Her best piece of life advice is to find what makes you happy and listen to your heart! “Even if you may not please others, it’s YOUR life that YOU will have to live.” Brittney, we couldn’t agree more!

3rdPlace: Maia (@maia_mymy)

 Then there’s miss Maia, our third-place winner! She is also no stranger to living a busy life! From managing a family to working as an Email Marketing Manager, she has a full plate! Even with her busy schedule, Maia still manages to make time for causes she cares about. Maia spends her summers raising butterflies. She says she is doing her part in saving butterfly species. If she’s not in the garden you might look for her at the beach or in the kitchen whipping up a tasty new dessert! Gluten-free cheesecake is her specialty and to that, we told her “Okay we’ll be right over! Make sure you save us a slice!”

You’re never going to find her without her Burt’s Bees tinted lip balms! Maia is almost always spending her time outdoors! We asked Maia about Florapy and we really enjoyed her response! She said, “I love Florapy because the masks calm, soothe and rejuvenate my skin, as well as cleanse my senses. The fragrances used are found in nature. The refreshing sensation lasts even after removing the mask. They are my go-to to treat myself and my friends.” Maia enjoys her Florapy masks while drinking some hot tea and reading a book or browsing home décor online.

If there’s anything we’ve learned from Maia though, it how great she is at giving advice:

“Being an introvert has as much value as being an extrovert.” She left us with this quote by Susan Cain, “So stay true to your own nature... Use your natural powers – of persistence, concentration, insight, and sensitivity – to do work that you love and work that matters. Solve problems, make art, think deeply."


Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen so many posts of #FlorapyFans enjoying their masks all over the world! Our team loves learning how Florapy is a part of your day. Whether a part of your weekly routine or as a companion on your summer vacation, we’re glad we could be a part of it!

As always please always feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have! Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to receive our latest news and follow us on Instagram to see what we’re up to! The past three years have been amazing, but we could never have done it without you!

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