Summer Sweepstakes: Meet The Florapy Fans!


To finish up our Summer Meet The Team Series – we want to meet you and give you an opportunity to win wonderful Florapy prizes! After all, our fans are the most important part of our team!

We greatly enjoy seeing what you’re up to and learning more about how you put Florapy to use in your life. Whether you’re sharing your favorite beauty products, the songs you can’t stop listening to, or your outfit of the day – we’re all eyes and ears! 

Now’s your chance to share some of your lifestyle with us and your fellow Florapy fans!

We hope you’ve been keeping up with our “Meet The Team” interviews and flatlay photos on our blog and social media, our entire team created their own pictures – because we wanted to share more about us and our beloved brand.  Now we want to learn more about you! 

So, here are the contest details:

Who: You of course! This is your chance to tell us more about you. Who you are, what you like, what you value!

What do you have to do? We’d like you to create your own flatlay at home that best features your favorite summer products, your go-to outfit, or anything else that describes you and showcases your personality! Get creative and have fun with it! For help on how to create your own flatlay at home check out our blog post, Florapy’s Favorite Flatlay Photography Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to DIY.

Step 1: Create a flatlay image of your favorite Summer Products!
Step 2: Post your flatlay image to Instagram
Step 3: Make sure you tag @florapybeauty in the image and use the hashtag #florapyfan
Step 4: Answer these two questions in the caption:
-What’s your favorite summer activity?
- Why do you love to Florapy?

When: The contest starts now! So, get going and mark your calendars for ...

Deadline: Make sure all your flatlay images are posted to Instagram, tagged, and captioned by Thursday, August 2 at 11:59 pm PST.

Where: Wherever you want. Your home? The Park? The Beach? Wherever you’re the most comfortable!

Why:  Not only is this a great opportunity to get to know more about each other, but you’ll also have an awesome image for your social media feed.  Plus, you have a chance to win a feature on our blog and social media profiles as well as one of these amazing prizes.

Grand Prizes:

After all your images have been posted and reviewed we will announce our 3 big winners and contact all other participants about what they've won!

1st Place: FREE Florapy Masks for 1 YEAR + Swag bag +
Main Feature on our Meet the Members Blog + Instagram Shout Out + Instagram Story Shout Out (Over $400 Value)
2nd Place:  FREE Florapy Masks for 6 MONTHS + Swag bag +
Feature on our Meet the Members Blog + Instagram shout out
(Over $200 Value)
3rd Place:  FREE Florapy Collection 8pk (a chance to try all our masks) + Swagbag + Feature on our Meet the Members Blog + Instagram shout out (Over $60 Value)

P.S Everyone gets a prize for participating! Secret surprise to be announced to all participants after the conclusion of the contest.

If you’re selected as one of the three grand prize winners, we will contact you with some interview questions so we can capture your personality in our blog feature. This is a great opportunity to showcase your website/page/blog, business, or other personal projects as well.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with and get to learn more about you!!! For added examples read our “Summer Meet the Team Series” interviews and be sure to check out our Flatlay Blog Post to view our most coveted lifestyle items.

We look forward to getting to know you!

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