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We at Florapy wanted to take some time to share a little more about the life and brains behind Florapy in our Summer Meet The Team series! As Content Manager here at Florapy I sat down with each team member to ask a few questions to help you get to know us better! First up is our Founder & Chief, Kristen O’Connell! 

As a seasoned cosmetic and skincare executive who spent years traveling the world in search of the latest product innovations, Kristen quickly became fascinated (some might say obsessed) with Korean Beauty and was an early proponent of the growing sheet mask trend. After many suitcases full of sheet masks back to the US, Kristen started Florapy Beauty with the philosophy that skincare doesn't have to be a chore and could do more than treat the skin. Drawing inspiration from her own personal practice of aromatherapy and mindfulness she created the first sheet mask made of 100% coconut, infused with healing flowers and aromatherapy for results you can see and feel!

While Florapy is made in Korea, it was designed and founded here in Los Angeles, California where we are headquartered.  Our team loves it here and is always looking for new things to do around the city. When asked what’s your favorite thing to do in Los Angeles, her answer was “I love spending time in Downtown LA, even among all the tall buildings there is still a calming feel.  Also, anywhere with live music (preferably outdoors with wine!)”

 Kristen_henri_poodle_dog Kristen_country_music_festival_husband

In her free time, Kristen can be found outside either in her garden, playing golf, or with her dog, Henri (@henrithepoodle.) She also loves listening to vinyl. When asked what music she listens to she said, “Old country music, I’m from New Mexico!"

Kristen loves experimenting with new cosmetic and skincare products and enjoys taking a natural approach to her overall health and skincare routines. She never leaves the house without her essential oils, anti-bacterial wipes, and sunglasses, this is California after all! Her best-kept beauty secret is Florapy - of course! When forced to choose a favorite mask, she picks Stress Relief because “I'm in love with the subtle scent of patchouli, I find it refreshing and relaxing! The chamomile is very healing on my skin and instantly combats dryness and calms redness.”

We asked Kristen to pull some of her favorite beauty items as well as her signature belongings. Shop the list below & see the original image on Instagram @florapybeauty!


  1. Pure CBD For Life Rub, Lemongrass, $25.00
  2. Recycled glass tray (truck-stop souvenir), for sage and palo santo smudging
  3. Material Girl Mystical World by Ruby Warrington, $15
  4. Bkr, Spiked Lala 500ml bottle, $42.00
  5. Royal & Langnickel MODA powder brush
  6. Henri Bendel Bag – (last season)
  7. Rebecca Minkoff Pouch – (last season)
  8. Scentered Aromatherapy Balm – Love, $20
  9. Trish McEvoy Illuminating Blush, $35
  10. Hourglass Lipstick - Confession, Ultra Slim High Intensity Refillable Lipstick-I Woke Up, $34
  11. Laura Mercier Lipgloss – Baby Doll, $26
  12. Glossier Cloud Paint Blush – Haze - $18
  13. Hera UV Mist Cushion Compact – (purchased in Korea)
  14. The Wild Unknown Tarot - $40
  15. New Mexico Turquoise - Handmade
  16. Tan Towel Tanning Towelettes - $24
  17. M-61 Power Peel - $28 - $110
  18. Avene Thermale Water Mist - $9
  19. Florapy stress relief mask, $8
  20. Hermes Parfum - $100
  21. LUA skincare – Pa Champa perfume oil $30.00 
  22. Rootfoot Eagle Spirit Animal Intentional fragrance oil - $28.00 
  23. Organic Hemp Magic Beauty Oil - $28.00 

Kristen’s greatest life advice is to “be strong, be patient and never stop believing in your dreams.”  As our founder, she's a living example of just that, she embodies a positive can-do attitude that reflects on to our entire team and she's always willing to put in the work no matter the job!

Florapy will celebrate its 3rd birthday next month, with the brand continuing to grow and reach new levels of success every day. We love nothing more than hearing stories from our customers, from first-timers to dedicated followers, it's what keeps us and Kristen's vision motivated and inspired every day! 

Find more of Kristen’s Favorites on our Instagram Highlight Stories @ Meet the Team! Stay tuned to get to know the Florapy team, next up our Brand Manager, Jackie Daniels.

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