Florapy Gift Giving With Meg!

A few months ago, we came across a very touching #FlorapyFan story from Meg (@ilovetypos ) on how she loves to gift Florapy Masks. We are so inspired we asked her if she'd like to share her story on her week of gifting Florapy! Check it out below! 

Meet Meg, an inspiring woman from Columbus Ohio who is a wife and mom that works as a pediatric nurse practitioner and as a sexual assault forensic examiner! She spends her days and the occasional night helping others who are experiencing difficult states in their lives. She says, "It's rewarding and beautiful work, but it also has taught me the value of taking care of myself. I love people, dogs, justice, coffee, brussels sprouts, and thunderstorms. I believe we are here on earth to help each other and to advocate for those who need us." As if she isn't amazing enough... wait until you hear the rest of the story!


I saw headlights coming and ducked to avoid getting caught in their beam. Sitting in my car outside my friend’s house made me feel like a giant creep but the payout was worth it- I was leaving a little love package on her door to offer her some support and encouragement. She’s been working her way through graduate school as she raises four kids and two dogs and she has recently passed her advanced practice board exam. I thought she could use something to help remind her of the importance of focusing on herself. I knew the Calendula Sage sheet mask from Florapy Beauty would be the perfect mini-escape.

I’ve been giving away Florapy sheet masks for quite some time. My absolute favorite way to do it is to create a little package with a note or token that tells someone that I’ve been thinking of them, and then adding in a facemask for that extra bit of indulgence and self-care. The aromatherapy in Florapy sheet masks is more present and soothing than in any other mask I’ve tried- they’re an instant spa session. The masks leave my skin soft and rejuvenated. So for my friend, I decided to give her a little “me time” after she puts her kids to bed. I gave her a book that I thought she’d enjoy and then hid a sheet mask in its pages. As I watched the car retreat in my rearview mirror, I hopped out of the car, ran up to her door, and placed the package with the book, note, and mask just inside her doorstep. I knew she’d find it when she stepped outside to let her dogs out. Hopefully, she was able to enjoy a little holiday courtesy of Florapy.

The next morning I packed up another bundle, this time with a note, a candle, and the strength and energy mask with arnica rose aromatherapy. This package was destined for my assistant at work- a hardworking mom of three who goes above and beyond to provide the best care to everyone she meets.  When I got to work I hid the package on her chair and waited for her to find it, trying to act as normal as possible (I failed, I was Maximum Weirdo). I could hear her find it- she pulled her chair out and exclaimed: “What in the world!?” For the rest of the day she talked about how excited she was to get home and try out the mask. She and I talk about skincare a lot and I knew the rose in the mask would ward off dryness (a problem for both of us) and energize her skin after her long day.


That evening after work I headed toward another sweet friend’s house.  Her family has been dealing with a lot of stress including a serious illness in a family member. As a result, she’s been managing increased anxieties and responsibilities and had very little time for herself. I wanted her to be able to feel peace and self-care restoration as much as possible during this challenging time, so I knew the patchouli aromatherapy in the stress relief mask would be a perfect fit. I hid that mask and a little note in the pages of a restorative yoga book- not to be prescriptive of course, but to provide encouragement for some gentle poses if the mood should strike her. I hid the bundle in her mailbox for her to bring in with the evening mail.  My hope was that she would read the note, try the mask, feel soothed, cared for, and know she was loved and supported.

That weekend I was meeting a girlfriend for coffee and to catch up. She’s been working nights and weekends so she can be home with her toddler during the day and has had trouble getting on a good sleep schedule. Even when she’s exhausted she’s still such a good support for everyone around her- she really amazes me. I wanted to encourage her to take care of herself and get as much quality rest as possible, so what choice did I have other than to give her the sweet dreams mask so the gorgeous lavender aromatherapy could lull her to sleep?  To help matters along I also tucked in a bit of rose (and also a delicata squash I’d grabbed for her at the farmer’s market- she loves squash and sometimes this variety can hard to find!) 


Finally at home that night I sat down to write a birthday card to my brilliant sister in law. She’s a writer and editor for a large university, mom to two, passionate advocate for justice, and all around hero to me. I figured the clarity and rejuvenation from the jasmine and peppermint in the detox sheet mask would help cast away the cares of the day so she is able to start fresh again in the morning. She spends so much time carefully and thoughtfully considering how to help others; it was a joy to think that she may take some time to care for herself.

We live in a beautiful challenging world where it is easy to give of yourself until there is almost nothing left. What is more difficult is carving out time to refresh, rejuvenate, and care for yourself so that you are able to thrive and help make our world a more loving place.  A little sheet mask and love note for you and a friend makes that goal just a bit more achievable.


Thank you again to Meg for taking the time to share this story with us! Please share your Florapy gifting stories with us this Holiday season by tagging us on social media @FlorapyBeauty. We wish all of our #FlorapyFans a very happy Holiday Season and we're honored to be a part of it!


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