Flower & Aromatherapy Enthusiasts

Flowers + Aromatherapy = Flora•py 

We at Flora•py believe skincare should never feel like a chore, but rather a relaxing and mindful experience.

Inspired by the healing powers that blossom in nature, our easy-to-use 100% coconut sheet mask is soaked in highly nutritious flower ingredients and powerful aromatherapy essential oils. Each product has been carefully crafted to create the perfect balance of ingredients to harmonize the skin, mind and body for results you can see and feel. 

Each mask provides an intense hydration treatment to fight off trouble zones, fine-lines and give the appearance of plump-radiant skin.

Hydrated skin is healthy skin! Each treatment fights off the stresses of the day by harmonizing the skin, mind and body with aroma-floral therapy.

Hydrate while addressing common skin concerns and engage the mind in thoughts of renewal, self-confidence and strength.

We hope you enjoy Flora•py as much as we do! Connect with us and please share your sheet mask moments @florapybeauty

About The Founder

Kristen O'Connell
is the Founder & Chief of Flora•py Beauty. A seasoned cosmetic executive who travels the globe in search of the latest product innovations, O’Connell has studied Korean beauty trends extensively and was an early proponent of the growing sheet mask trend.

Drawing inspiration from her personal practice of aromatherapy and natural remedies, as well as expertise from years working alongside some of the top Korean skincare research and development teams, O’Connell had a vision to develop a skincare treatment that also cared for the mind/body. In 2015, under O’Connell’s direction, Flora•py Beauty launched with a collection of eight flower therapy one-time-use hydrating facial sheet masks.



no animal testing • vegan friendly • paraben-free formula • no synthetic fragrance • no harsh dyes or pigments • safe for sensitive skin