DIY Sweetly Simple Aromatherapy Flower Arrangement

Spring is finally here and what better way to celebrate than with a vase of fresh cut flowers!  Not only are they beautiful to look at but their added aromatherapy benefits are sure to brighten any mood.  Whether for a gift or for your own home, see how we created our own floral arrangement in 3 simple steps. 



  • Floral Tape (Any super sticky, thin tape will also work!)
  • Garden Shears (Scissors would work fine)
  • Large Mason Jar
  • An assortment of fresh flowers
  • Twine or Ribbon
  • Water

Picking out your Flowers:

Where to buy? 

If you don’t have your own backyard garden to choose from, feel free to pick up flowers from a supermarket, florist,  or in the summertime stop by your local farmer’s market. 

Which scent is right for you?

Like our Florapy masks, every flower carries its own particular scent and added benefits.  Use this guide as a starting point to identify blooms that appeal to you and your senses.

Chrysanthemums: promote a deep connection with spiritual identity.

*Gerbera Daisy: symbolizes happiness and helps stimulate a good night’s sleep.

Iris: inspires creativity and artistry deep within the soul.

Poppy: help to create a sense of balance and harmony.

*Rose: stimulates positivity, calms nervous tension, inspires love, and brings out joy in life. 

*Daisy: brings together and helps unify groups of people, symbolic of family. 

*Snapdragons: re-channel and re-balance creative energy, power, and emotions.

Sunflowers: encourages compassion, encourages a radiant and bright personality.

Sweet Pea: provides a sense of stability to wanderers and travelers, helps create a home-like atmosphere.

Zinnias: help create balance in life, helpful for those that tend to overwork.

***Flowers we used in our arrangement to send good vibes for Spring or to wish Mom a happy mothers day!




Step 1: Prepare your Vase

The best masterpieces come from a perfectly prepped canvas. This step is sure to make all the difference in your final arrangement!  Fill your jar about halfway with water. Take your mason jar and using the tape create at 3x3 grid on the opening of your vase!  This step will allow you to map out precisely where you would like your flower stems to end up!

Tip:  Get creative!  Use objects from around your house as the perfect vase!  Try a watering can, a small metal bucket, or a group of three small glass jars to fit your space 




Step 2: Pick your Placement

We are going to start from the center out. Start with flower you want to be the highest and trim off the bottom inch of the stem cutting at a diagonal angle. Immediately place the stem into the vase so that it can begin to absorb the water after cutting. Continue to pick out stems, trim to the desired height, and place into the tapped grid working from the center and then expanding out with each flower.

Tip: To add some personality, alternate where you put the different kinds of flowers and the different colors!  Don’t be afraid to add a little greenery  here and there too!


Step 3: Finishing Touches

Once you’ve arranged all your flowers, take some twine or ribbon and wrap it around the neck of the mason jar 3-5 times.  To finish it off tie the ends in a knot or bow, or if you’re giving it as a gift, be sure to attach a card before completing the tie.



Sit back, relax and enjoy your fresh flowers and the added boost of spring time aromatherapy in your home or give the power of flowers to someone else!



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