Flora•py Beauty Selected as Discover Beauty Spotlight Brand at Cosmoprof North America

After an incredible day at BeautyCon we hopped on a plane to Las Vegas to participate in Cosmoprof North America. We had a delayed flight, got very few hours of sleep, but we showed up bright and cheery, in custom floral skirts ready to represent our fabulous products and share our flower power message.

Cosmoprof NA is the largest beauty/personal care show in the country. We are extremely honored to have been selected for the Discover Beauty section as a Spotlight brand! 

We were in great company situated right next to Simple Sugars (our idol brand as seen on Shark Tank), Flickable and Sole Serum! Please check out and support these inspiring and innovative great brands!

We were so excited to introduce everyone to our brand new collection of facial sheet masks, designed to provide super intense moisture to the skin. We truly believe that nature heals all so we've packed each mask with powerful, nourishing flower ingredients and infused them with healing essential oils for aromatherapy benefits proven to aid in skin health and mind/body balance. People were loving the options to choose a mask by skin type or by mood. When you're looking to improve skin tone and reduce appearance of dark spots you choose Clear Complexion Dandelion Lemongrass mask, then in a few days if your busy lifestyle has started to pile on the stress, you choose Stress Relief Chamomile Patchouli mask. Treat your well-being while providing relaxing and intense hydration to your skin.

A giant thank you to Mommy Noire for choosing us for their list of 8 Must Have Products That We Spotted At Cosmoprof!

We appreciate all the amazing feedback and the opportunity to share our brand message and floral hydration sheet masks with all the attendees. Thank you so much for stopping by! 

Love. Flora•py.


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