Florapy + Energy Muse: Balance the Skin & the Mind


We at Flora•py Beauty always love learning about new ways to up our mind body balance. So when we met our friends from Energy Muse, we were thrilled to hear more about how to incorporate crystals into our lives and even more excited when they offered to pair up healing crystals with a few of our masks for the ultimate energy experience.


Energy Muse believes “we can utilize the energy of the Earth to tap into ourselves. Wearing healing crystals and gemstones allows you to go within yourself and align your body with the energy of the Earth, which vibrates at the highest energy, LOVE.” 


Check out some of the combinations below and get your crystals here!


Detox Mask

Shungite for detoxification + purification

Quartz for clarity + clearing the skin

Tourmalinated Quartz for breaking up any tension + energy blocks in your face



Stress Relief Mask

Fluorite for relaxation + peace

Amethyst for clearing your mind + naturally relieving stress

Celestite for stress + anxiety relief



Sweet Dreams Mask

Blue Lace Agate for calming + soothing

Labradorite to induce a dream state



Anti-Aging Mask

Lepidolite for beauty (was Cleopatra’s beauty and rejuvenation stone)

Rose Quartz for self-love + beauty

Aquamarine for youth + anti-aging (the stone of mermaids)



Strength + Energy Mask

Blue Apatite for inspiration + movement

Kambaba Jasper for strength + grounding

Botswana Agate for rootedness + energy + uplifting


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