Discovered at Indie Beauty Expo - Fall In Love With Our Favorites!

If you hadn't already guessed, we at Florapy Beauty are big fans of beauty, but are especially big fans of indie beauty brands. The Indie Beauty Expo is the premiere platform for finding all the best indie beauty brands that have the coolest products! We were thrilled to exhibit at the NYC show in August and to be apart of such a cool community. We had the exciting chance to meet some amazing brands and discover their awesome products - check out some of our favorites from the show and try their products! We hope you will join us in supporting these exciting beauty entrepreneurs!

1. Erin’s Face

A collection of products that inspire self-worth and use natural ingredients? Say no more, Erin’s face became an instant Florapy favorite! The Rosewater Tonic provides soothing and gentle hydration we can't live without. We also love the Peppermint Scrub and the super shimmery highlighter!



2. Skin Kick

We are all about simple skincare! Skin Kick is natural all-in-one skincare kit to combat acne and promote healthy skin. Think the natural alternative to ProActiv!  No harsh chemicals, and easy to use, this brand is showing incredible real results for beautiful skin.



3. Winner’s Beard Oil

We love the look of this sleek minimalistic and very masculine packaging! This soon to be mega-popular beard oil boasts natural ingredients including almond, jojoba and sandalwood. Mark this down as the perfect holiday gift for the bearded men in your life!



4. That’s Some Good Shea – Muscle

CBD is getting more and more popular for the medicinal and skin benefits it can offer and we love exploring the possibilities of the newly coveted ingredient. Moisturizing shea butter infused with CBD and essential oils is sure to calm and sooth even the toughest of muscle aches.


5. Tara Style Jewelry

This Swiss based jewelry company offers delicate detail in their beautifully handcrafted collection. The intricate metals and subtle stones are the perfect addition for any personality or style.



6. Bling Brush

Bling Brush is a natural jewelry cleaner that can be used on the go! This is such a brilliant idea, the thought of cleaning jewelry is such a chore and usually buries itself on the bottom of the to-do list. This easy pen is formulated with natural ingredients and can be used for quick touch ups on our most cherished gems!



7. Element Candles

Based in Charleston, SC these candles have become a staple at Florapy HQ. Made with long-burning soy wax and luxurious, crackling cherry wood wicks, these candles provide a stunning glow with one-of-a-kind scents.   

We hope you enjoy our IBE 2017 picks! Always remember to support #indiebeauty! 


The Florapy Team



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