5 Easy Steps for a Positive, Productive Summer Day!




With Summer in full swing, complete with those warm sunny days, sometime we find it difficult to stay focused and productive during the summer season. We've put together some easy tips to switch up your morning routine to get ready for a vibrant, productive summer day!


1. Make your bed so you don’t end up back in it! The smallest things such as making the bed are what make you feel put together and calm once you return from a long, busy day.

2. Always start your day by writing down a list of things that you want to accomplish. This makes visualizing what your day is going to look like easier and will leave you feeling less stressed and prepared for what’s to come.

3. While writing down your list of things to do, enjoy a mini spa aromatherapy experience by applying the Strength + Energy – Arnica Rose Flora•py Mask! This mask is designed to awaken your mind and motive your senses to inspire a happy mood.

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4. Drink a full glass of cold water! Adding in cold water in the morning jump starts your metabolism, helps keep you hydrated and leaves your body feeling fresh.

5. Find the optimal work space. A coffee shop or park to change it up! This is a great way to wake up, get out, and enjoy the summer days! 

Wakeup everyday inspired and win the morning!



Flora•py Team

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