Designed in Los Angeles. Made In Korea.

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As K-Beauty is popping all over your newsfeed and Pinterest board we’d like to take a second and tell you a little more about how Flora•py came to be. With an abundance of experience working in the beauty industry we, of course, were early enthusiasts about the incredible results of Korean skincare. We were especially intrigued by sheet masks and knew immediately we wanted to bring these to the US markets with some added Los Angeles benefits! And that’s where our studying (some may say obsession) began!

Korean beauty is about treating skin as a treasured possession to be nurtured with the best ingredients, but we believe the mind should also be treated in the same way. That’s where aromatherapy came in. We wanted to create the ultimate experience of both nourishment for the skin and relaxation for the mind, all in one simple to use product. After working with the top Korean skincare experts and a year of testing far too many sheets masks to count, we knew we had something special that people would love. 

Our facial sheet masks are made of 100% coconut Bio-Cellulose that feels like a gel layer. This allows for the mask to stay properly on the face while also holding the maximum amount of product for ultimate hydration. The fit of the mask was also extremely important to us because a mask cannot be effective unless it fits properly. We designed our very own cut to ensure it fits every face, comfortably. Here in Los Angeles on any given day, you will find a wide variety of people and that’s why we wanted to create a mask for every type of skin and mood. Stressed out from traffic or skin craving moisture from dry climate? We have 8 varieties of masks and certainly one made just for you. Lastly, as we learned from our research in Korean beauty, we believe nature heals all so we’ve made sure that our masks are packed with only the purest ingredients that come from flowers found in nature. Our products are free of animal testing, vegan friendly, soaked in a paraben-free formula, contain no synthetic fragrance, harsh dyes or pigments and are safe for sensitive skin.

And there you have it: K-Beauty with a SoCal touch crafted specially for you!

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