5 Simple Steps To A New Year Detox

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The Holiday season has come and gone leaving us with memories of countless cookies and treats and let’s face it…some major stress too! But it’s a new year and time to hit the reset button. We’ve put together a simple guide to detox your life as we prep for the best year ever! 

5 Simple Steps To A New Year Detox

1. Treat Your Body Right

This is one we all know, but can easily forget. Treating your body right means incorporating both healthy eating and exercise into your lifestyle daily so it doesn’t feel like a chore but a part of your life. Like your jeans, try until you find what fits you for both healthy foods and exercise. Don’t like running? Try some local classes or go on a hike with a friend. Not a fan of kale? Try it in a smoothie or juice. Pinterest is a great place for helpful tips and yummy recipes.

2. Cleanse Your Space

One word…purge. We all have far too much Stuff. Set aside a time for each room in your house to go through things you don’t need or use. A clean space leads to a clean mind.

3. Mindfulness

Instead of letting your life pass you by, mindfulness means living in the moment and being present. The best way to do this is to take time for yourself, whether that be daily meditation or simply taking a short walk or going outside.

4. Skincare

Make your skincare a priority because you only get one face! Try going makeup free to let your skin breathe from all that holiday makeup.

While letting your skin detox, we recommend using our Jasmine Peppermint Detox mask. The Jasmine Peppermint combination helps stimulate the skin, promote elasticity, while refreshing dull, tired skin and helping promote circulation for clean, supple and youthful feeling skin. 

5. Make Sleep A Priority

The list of benefits from getting a full 8 hours a sleep is endless so we’ll just name a few of our favorites… You’ll be in a better mood, have more concentration, improved memory, less stress, a more radiant complexion, and basically all around healthier!

Cheers to 2016!! As a special treat to help you detox this January we are giving away a free detox mask with any $50 purchase! Offer ends Jan 31st

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