International Salon and Spa Expo 2015



Last weekend we had the pleasure of showing at the International Salon and Spa Expo in Long Beach. We were thrilled to meet some of our Flora•py fans and introduce our brand to many others! Our team also had the chance to discover new favorites to add to our beauty routine (as if we needed more). 

Since the show is open to salon and spa professionals only, we’d love to share few of our favorite picks from the show!


The Wet Brush- If you haven’t tried this brush it’s a MUST. We all know that brushing through wet hair is major no no, but this brush is made specially for wet hair and glides through hair effortlessly, detangling any knots with no pulling or ripping.


Pink Pewter- These hair accessories are gorgeous additions to any hair style and can transform your outfit. We especially love the Velcro and non slip backing that allow the accessories to stay put!



Bamboo Pillow – We are always looking for items that can help us get the most restful night of sleep. These bamboo pillows, made of shredded memory foam, are both soft and supportive and best of all stay cool all night! These pillows are also machine washable which we love – keep bacteria away from that flawless skin!



Obliphica Seaberry Hair Serum – We love our hair oils but this serum pleasantly surprised is with its weightless It left our hair soft and silky with zero frizz.



Swiss Just Aromatherapy – Obviously, we are huge fans of aromatherapy and these essential oils come from the Swiss Alps in the purest form. With a wide range of oils, Swiss Just makes bringing aromatherapy into your life simple and easy. Our picks – Lavender, Eucalyptus and jasmine.



Now that we’ve shared our faves, what are your salon and spa product must-haves?

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