6 Things to do While using a Flora•py Sheet Mask



So you’ve starting adding Flora•py sheet masks to your skin care routine to maintain that gorgeous hydrated skin, but now you’ve got 15-20 minutes to kill while you are treating your skin to the ultimate powers of floral therapy. We’ve put together some of our team’s favorite things to do while masking!



We are always going to recommend taking this time to do nothing! That means no phone, no TV, no computer. Instead relax and breathe in the added benefits of aromatherapy infused in all our masks!




DIY Mani

We understand that not everyone enjoys sitting still that long, so why not take this time to perfect those finger tips with a DIY mani.





Hey why not rewatch an episode of Gilmore Girls





How can you not!? The best kind of selfies are sheet mask selfies. Am I right? We love seeing these so be sure to tag us! @florapybeauty




We are always trying to get a workout in somewhere, take this 15 minutes to get in a few squats, lunges or crunches! And not to worry, our 100% coconut masks stay in place unlike other mask materials.



Adult Coloring Book

Okay we will admit it, we are loving adult coloring books right now! This is the perfect time to get those colored pencils out, plus coloring can reduce anxiety, create focus, and bring about more mindfulness!




Let us know what you like to do while you mask!? Be sure to share with us on our social media pages!



The Flora•py Team

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