3 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day!

Flora•py Beauty was founded on the healing powers that blossom in nature right here on our planet Earth. We like to think we celebrate Earth Day everyday by using natural ingredients in all our masks and living a conscious lifestyle. Today, we wanted to take the opportunity to not only celebrate the earth, but also give thanks. We believe beautiful skin comes from beautiful ingredients - those that are found on this precious planet we call home.

Today we encourage you to join us in giving thanks to Earth for all it gives each and everyday! Here are 3 ways you can join us in celebrating Earth Day!


  1. Volunteer - join a beach clean up or volunteer at your local national park! You can learn more about ways to help by visiting http://www.earthday.org/


  1. Get your hands dirty - plant a tree or some wildflowers! All orders April 15th- 23rd will include a wildflower seed pack for you to spread around to help make the earth a little more beautiful. Plus, these pretty flowers allow for bees and other pollinators to continue to thrive!


  1. Go outside- what better way to celebrate and care for the future of our planet than spending the day under the beautiful sky, appreciating how lucky we are?!


Be sure to follow our social media accounts to find out what we are doing for Earth Day plus we’ll being giveaway three 1-year subscriptions of our 100% coconut sheet masks!



The Flora•py Team

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