Happy Earth Day!

We at Flora•py beauty like to think we celebrate Earth Day everyday by using natural ingredients in all our masks and living a conscious lifestyle. But today we wanted to take the opportunity to not only celebrate the earth, but also give thanks. We believe beautiful skin comes from beautiful ingredients, those that are found on this precious planet we call home.

Today we encourage you to join us in giving thanks to the earth for all it gives each and everyday. For the blooming wildflowers, and sandy beaches, the golden sunsets and fallen leaves. Learn more about what you can do this Earth Day to be a little greener here and Enjoy 30% off all our masks all weekend long with “EARTHDAY” promo code 

Fun fact – all our masks are made of 100% coconut making them biodegradable.

Be sure to follow our social media accounts to find out what we are doing for Earth Day plus some giveaways!



The Flora•py Team

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