No scary skin! 3 tips for Halloween skincare


The only thing scarier than a zombie is waking up to post Halloween skin breakouts!


1. Prevent
It’s all about prevention when it comes to skin! #1 tip for Halloween skincare is DO NOT leave your heavy costume makeup on from your night out! Use a gentle makeup remover and cleanse twice to be sure all excess makeup is gone to prevent clogged pores.

2. Calm
All that heavy makeup can cause irritation and lead to breakouts! Be sure to add in our Stress Relief mask which is infused with nature’s most calming ingredient - chamomile! Plus, patchouli aromatherapy empowers a relaxed mind and enhances the mood - just what we need after a night out!

3. Balance
It’s pretty much impossible to avoid candy, sugary treats and drinks on Halloween. Be sure to balance that out with plenty of water and veggies to maintain your skin’s glowing complexion!


No matter what you choose to be this Halloween stay safe and glow on!


Happy Halloween!!


The Flora•py Team



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