Crazy About Flowers!

How to Create Flower Arrangements That Help Improve Your Mood

Flowers have been around for a long time. In fact, the original meaning for flower was meant to describe the best part of a particular object. It’s no surprise that bouquets are so popular now in just about every occasion, anything from birthdays, to Valentine’s Day, and even anniversaries.

Flowers are not just beautiful, they are also great for your mental and physical health!

The Mood-Boosting Effects of Flowers

There have been various studies, including studies from Rutgers and Harvard, which have found that having fresh flowers around can have a positive effect on our moods. Recent research has discovered that there is a correlation between happiness and blooms, so there’s no better time to enjoy a beautiful bouquet of flowers! If you’re ready to bring some bright, vibrant, and happy colors to your home, here are some tips for choosing the best arrangement:

Keep Flowers Where They Can Be Easily Seen

Make sure that you place your flower arrangements somewhere that can be easily seen. Places like a coffee table, in the kitchen, or as a center piece of a dinner table. Put it somewhere that you walk past often, so that they can catch your eye every time you walk into the room. This will help them give you quick boost in your mood.

Keeping flower arrangements in an easily seen area will also help make your home appear more inviting and happy to visitors.

Choose the Right Color

There is alternative therapy build around the basis that certain colors in a home’s décor can help manipulate an individual’s mood.  

If you have been feeling down and depressed lately, yellow sunflowers or orange roses can help bring some happiness to your life. If you’ve had a long and tiresome day, unwind and find a little peace with a bouquet of lavender or chamomile flowers. They can help your brain shift over into relaxation mode.

Green plants, such as ferns and other house plants, help promote a feeling of well-being and stability.

Trim Your Bouquet

Do not keep flowers that have already passed their prime. Regularly remove any withered stems and frequently change the water. This will help keep your flowers fresh for a long time, allowing you to continue enjoying your beautiful bouquet.

Use the Asian Art of Feng Shui

If you want to use your flowers to help heal your spiritual self you can use Feng Shui to help you. Feng Shui can guide you on how to arrange your flowers to ensure there is harmony in your home. Feng Shui practitioners believe that flowers are a valuable component to creating a harmonious home. Flowers such as orchids and a white narcissus can help with spiritual growth and bringing balance into a home.  

Keep Your Flowers Healthy

A vibrant, fresh bouquet can bring energy into a home, but if the flowers are left to die they can actually have the opposite effect. Do not just shove your flowers into a vase and just hope it stays alive long enough to bring some happiness into your home. It’s important to put forth the effort to trim your stems diagonally, place them into a vase that is filled with lukewarm water, feed your flowers with nutrients, trim off any leaves that land below the water line, and frequently replace the water (about every 2 days.)

By keeping fresh and beautiful flowers in your home you can enjoy their beauty as well as their mood-enhancing abilities.

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