Let it Glow! Winter Skin Care Tips

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As a new season rolls in and many of us begin planning our wardrobe updates for the season, we often over look essential updates to our skin care routine as the weather changes. Those summertime months of shielding and protecting from the harsh sun, chlorine and saltwater are behind us, but Autumn and Winter bring us some skincare challenges as well. That cooler fall air is also dry and as the temperatures continue to drop during the winter months our skin loses precious moisture, that can cause extreme dryness.

Fortunately, Flora•py understands that climate changes can not only hurt your skin but also your mood. We've developed a line of products to uplift your spirits and hydrate your skin. Our floral therapy facial masks use a combination of essential oils and healing floral ingredients to correct your skin problems and help you fight those winter blues, while providing intense hydration

During those chilly months we recommend using our sheet masks twice a week to sooth, replenish and protect from dry skin, while taking a moment to relax your mind with aromatherapy.

We’ve picked out our favorites Winter Flora•py masks to keep you glowing!

Jasmine Peppermint - Detox Mask

Detoxify and cleanse with the renewing and refreshing energy of Jasmine and Peppermint.

Yarrow Lavender - Sweet Dreams Mask

Take a breath, relax, feel the stress melt away and prepare for sweet dreams with the energy of Yarrow and Lavender.

Chamomile Patchouli - Stress Relief Mask

Release the stresses of the day and calm the mind with the energy of Chamomile and Patchouli.

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